Monday, July 06, 2009

Drop Cloth love...

Some folks have been doing some awesome stuff with dropcloths. Take a look at this. Jen over is very creative. I love anything with wording. I may just have to copy this one. Click on the link to see how she used the drop cloth she had.

Wendy over at loves to use numbers on just about anything. She is another creative lady. Take a look around her blog and also check out her post for today. She used a dropcloth to recover a chair recently with a little help from a friend. Go give the Vintage Chica a looksee. She has used drop cloths in some utilitarian ways. I am all for decorating up and making things look great on the cheap, but I also am very practical. Here is another way she used a dropcloth. I love this idea as well. She didn't just throw it on the table she personalized it and it looks great.

I still have to show you my drop cloth drapes. I also have several other projects I am using canvas fabric or dropcloths on making a few things. So stay tuned to for that.

It's another lovely day here. Sun is out. Great temps and STILL much to be done out in the yard. We are still doing yardwork. Mulching the whole back yard, staining our deck and this weekend the hubs did some work with patio pavers....nope, no patio. That would be nice, but he didn't do a patio. We have an area just below the steps from our deck where we put our trash can and water hose holder and we needed a better area for them to be on so he paved the way! (Pun intended.)

Enjoy your day in your part of the world!Pin It Now!


Jen R. said...

Thank you so much for the linky love~ ! Drop cloths are so affordable and versatile! jen

Cheryl said...

You are quite welcome. I surf blogs and other sites for inspiration and I am always about giving credit to the person that came up with the creative idea for their project.
You are so right about drop cloths being so affordable...well, for now, until the hardware and big box home improvement stores find out what all us women are up to with them. They aren't just for painting anymore. : )

Sue said...

Can't wait to go visit your links. Always a lot of fun. Why is there always so much work that gobbles up our time? Maybe we wouldn't think that way if we could spend more time sewing???