Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well, grab yourself a cuppa sweet tea and join me on my house tour. Let me first start by saying that I totally kept it real. I didn't even tidy up for these pictures. So, look past the dust and the clutter.

Let's start at the front door in our foyer. It's a two story foyer...HUGE. We have never had such a big foyer before. It's nice especially when we have visitors over and we say goodbye and whatnot. Plenty of room to hug and hand out coats and such in the foyer.

I am standing at the front door in this picture. Looking straight on as I come in. The stair well to the second floor is on my right as well as the living room not show in this pic. To my left is a green bench and a HUGE expanse of a wall. Here is where I need your help. That three tiered piece of furniture you see is something the hubs made for me for Christmas years ago. I saw a piece exactly like it in the furniture store, but it was waaaay too much money. So, he went and got the meausurements and set out to make it for me himself...waaay cheaper. He finished it just in the nick of time for Christmas, but didn't have time to stain or paint it....and now five years and a move later, there it sits. Not painted or stained. Now, he says it can't be stained because all his imperfections will show up. Okay, fine so now I have to paint it, but what color??? Does it look better on the wall you see it? Or would it look better where the bench is? If I leave it on the wall where it is now, I would like to paint it cream. But if I switch it with the bench, I can't paint it cream because that wall is pretty close to a cream color. I don't want to paint it black if I put it on the cream wall. So, what color then?

If I leave both pieces where they are now, my goal is to hang a quilt above the bench on that wall expanse. I also want to use the tiered piece to display seasonal items. I am not too sure I like the barn star above it or not. I may have to spray paint it another color. Maybe cream. I am going for a lighter look in my home. Once you get the rest of the tour you will understand why.

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Gen said...

I love the pieces exactly where they are and I love the star the color it is if you leave the 3 tier piece there definitely paint it cream cause it will blend in with your chairs i see in the other room :)

bumblebeebags said...

I think I would do a beautiful distressed technique. Maybe paint it a lighter green than your wall and then do a cream crackle finish!

Sue said...

I like Christina's suggestion and then if you do seasonal decorating it would look really nice. Also, you could put your shelf on the larger wall and put a painted antique chair with a flower pot (overflowing, of course) in that spot, or even a coat rack. We used to have a large open foyer and I had the chair there with a straw hat with a flowers around it hanging off the side. It was very pretty.