Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A new quilt..

I get so much inspiration from blogland for decorating and sewing and quilting. I stumbled on V's blog quite by accident this past year and loved her projects and posts.

You can find her here
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I have to tell you all about Vanessa. She started her blog a while back as a way for her then G.I.Joe hubby to keep in touch and see what the family was up to while he was deployed. She has made me laugh, cry and yes, even spit my cereal all over my laptop screen with some of her posts. She is funny, talented and she keeps it real when she posts. She is wonderful with color and when she posted about a quilt she was working on that would eventually find a home at the end of her bed....I couldn't help myself. I had to make one too! I love the simplicity of the pinwheel block and the white squares just makes them pop.

Vanessa used Shangri-La fabrics by 3 Sister's for Moda. That's her quilt over there on the right. Isn't it beautiful? I loved the color combo and immediately headed off to ebay to see if I could find some. I found some, but was outbid. **Sigh** So, I ended picking my own fabrics. I really love the Glacee line that has come out by Moda and thought the color combo would go well for where I want my quilt to reside. I plan on laying it over the sofa in my living room.

I finally got a chace to quilt the other day. A beautiful sunny day. I love to sew on my machine by a window with natural light. I spent some time cutting(not my fave part. Thank heavens for charm packs. Hmmm, wonder if they have charm packs for the white material too??? A little sewing and piecing later and voila! I was able to get three blocks done and then, unfortunately, I realized what time it was and had to cook dinner.

Incidently, I did find some yardage of Shangr-La and some of the wovens at my local quilt shop, but they didn't have enough variety in color and print, so I picked maybe one or two of them and the rest will be the Glacee. Enough babbling, here are my fabric picks so far.

See that red one??? It's my favorite. They also have it in a light blue. I just might have to make some pillows for my couch to match.

Here is a pic of my pinwheels.

V also has a tutorial on her blog on how to make a pinwheel block. You can find it here:
I will keep you all updated on the progress as I go along. It will be slow going as V can attest to. But the end result will be worth it.
In the meantime, hop on over to V's and tell her Cheryl sent ya. She also is a frequent guest designer over at Go check out one of her latest projects.

These strawberries are just the cutest thing
Have a blessed day!
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Jodi@SimplyThisThat n.. said...

Pinwheels are SO FUN! Good luck. Can't wait to see the end result. And yes, V is Simply Awesome!

V and Co. said...

look at you go!!! way to go!
i love glacie too and that is a great line to use! 3 sisters has some great lines! thanks for the shout out and thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog!