Thursday, July 16, 2009

House Tour continued...the living room

Okay, to the right of the foyer is the living room. It's not a great big living room, but just the right size. Several years ago I was big into the country look. I especially liked the hunter greens and browns at the time. Black was in then and so I acquired a piece or two of black furniture to round things out. The end result...too dark or warm of a room. I also had cream berber carpet when all this furniture was bought. Looked nice on a cream colored carpet. Here, I think it's too dark. Anyhow, here I am standing in the foyer at the front door looking into the living room. That sofa is so comfortable. The fabric on there is chenille. Man, is it comfy. It is a Broyhill piece. So are the other two chairs in this room. Hubby and I bought the whole set on sale for less than $1200 five years ago. The only bad thing about that purchase was that we couldn't get the two chairs in any other fabrics. Because it was on sale, it was as is. At that time we had no living room furniture. We just moved into our house, so, I said okay, let's get it.

Next up is the wing chair. This is the piece I want to tackle making my own slipcover for. I can't tell you how many books I have checked out at the library and even bought one from Barnes and Noble about slipcovering. I think I should be able to do it. I just need a good week to get it done.
To the right is an end table that I really liked when I bought it. I was going for British Colonial when we moved into this house with this room. I thought this table was unique and had character and so, I bought two of them. Now that I want to do the Beach cottage look it's not so good. Matchy matchy is not beach cottage and I don't think this warm wood tone would qualify either.

Now onto the black piece. Well, I really wanted to buy "good furniture." You know, well made furniture. That is why we bought the Broyhill set. Well, armoires or anything of that nature that were well made were out of my league price range wise, so we broke down and purchased this piece to hide the computer. It is a Sauder piece and cost less than $250. It survived our move without a scratch, so I am still happy with it. The nesting boxes on the shelf say "Faith, Hope, Love."

Here is a close up .
Two more pics and then that's it. The other chair in the room is to the left of the couch. The style is called English. I love this chair. We refer to it as the "stubby chair." Probably because of it's clean , but plump lines. It's very comfortable to read a book in too. I have fallen asleep there many a time. To the right of the chair is a piano. We got that for FREE!! It was a gift from someone at church to our daughter for Christmas when she was ten. She wanted to learn how to play the piano. Lastly is a pic looking in the living room from the dining room. We have a coffee table there and I am not sure if you can tell or not, but it matches the end tables. Surprise, surprise! LOL, all three of those pieces were from Target from their Woolrich line.

LOL, are you till with me. Sorry for such a long post. This is it for the first half of the tour. Saturday I will post the dining room and kitchen and then on Monday, I will post the family room and first floor powder room.

I am looking to change up my look to beach cottage, but not spend a terrible amount of money. I am thinking making Robins Egg Blue the accent color in there like on the pillows maybe or red. Slipcover the the wing chair and other chair in a drop cloth and change out those tacky lamps we have in there. They just are not doing it for me. LOL.

Any ideas or suggstions you have would be wonderful. Thanks in advance.

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Gen said...

I enjoyed your tour i love everything as is the furniture the colors etc just give to me and buy new ;) you can even leave the pup lol i think covering your pillows and your chairs will give you a great start toward the cottagey look you want I love your side tables in the living room they're sort of like what i have in my bedroom wood goes good with cottage so i wouldn't worry bout those they'll give warmth to the cream you want to pull into the room

Sue said...

Gee, I'm hesitant to say too much as I think your home is beautiful just as it is! To get the beachy, cottagey feel to it, I would just do the slip cover, add in some nice pillows and some floral stuff to soften it up.