Monday, July 27, 2009


A while back I was trying to make the blog a bit more interesting for you all and I tried to incorporate a day where I shared recipes with you and another day where I shared papercrafts with you...specifically card making. Well, that ended up going to the wayside. I just didn't have time to make cards each week to share with you and I was quickly running out of recipes to share with you as well.

Well, I am at it again. I plan on starting a new feature. If you remember about a month or two ago I did a feature on the mason/ball jars. I have quite a few and I thought I would share them with you as well as their history.

Country Living Magazine does this in each of their issues and I always look forward to it. So, I will be doing a feature each month similiar to it. I haven't decided on what I will name the feature yet. It will either be "DID YOU KNOW?" or "HISTORY CLASSICS." If you have some suggestions for the name of the feature let me know in the comment section or drop me an email. You can find my email on the side bar.

I would also like to have some of those linky parties. Have you all seen them? Lotsa blogs have them and it's such a nice way to meet others and get to see other blogs; as well as, see all the other creativity and talent that so many folks have out there. I gotta figure out how that linky thing works first before I have a linky party though.

Oh, and here is a big one. LOL, this is supposed to be a quilting blog with other tidbits of things I like to do, but do you ever see me post about that??? Nope! Gonna try and change that. I am going to try and sew at least once or twice a week and share with you all on here. I have two quilts in progress at the moment and will be snapping some pics to share with you all. I also have a pieced top I need to get quilted and send it on to it's new owner. Oh, and I have not forgotten about the Cathedral window block tutorial. It's just a matter of time I need to snap and do each step. I want to do it correctly and have step-by-step pics so you know exactly how to do it....because if I can do it, you can too. It's really not hard at all. Just patience really.

I will be posting pics later today of the two quilt tops I am working on so check back later.

have a blessed day in whatever you do!Pin It Now!

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